Common Problems and How To Avoid Them When Vacationing At A Beach Alone


You might be single, but that should not deter you from taking a vacation when you feel like. With standardized travel norms and arrangements, it is possible for single men and women to take a vacation in many developed countries without having to feel intimidated or insecure about it. If you have decided to hang out at a beach resort by yourself, you can very well do so. There are certain points to look out for when vacationing by you.

Hang out of the secure beach areas

Most beach towns have secluded beaches and beaches that are attached to hotel properties. When you are vacationing alone, you would do well to stick to the beaches that are attached to the hotels. If you plan to get yourself a good tan, ensure that you carry sun protection outfits for swimming. Also make yourself at ease among populated places and avoid lying down in secluded areas where there are chances of you being approached by strangers

Stick to normal timings

When you are traveling alone in a beach area you need to play safe. Hence, when alone on a beach, ensure that you do not wander around late at night or early in the morning when tourist crowds are less. It is best to visit beach areas in the bright day light till early evening hours in sun protection clothing or even at nights when the beach areas are populated and well lighted.

Have a good read by your side

If you wish to deter strangers from approaching you while you are dining at a restaurant, you could carry a good book to read. If you appear busy or engrossed in reading it will help to deter anyone from approaching you readily. Even then people might come up to you and that is all right, as long as you nod and smile and allow them to know that you are not really interested. Trust your judgement and allow yourself a company if you find the other person to be pleasing and non-threatening. However, refrain from providing much detail about yourself to any stranger you talk to.

Keep emergency contacts ready

If you are traveling alone, ensure that you inform your hotel of emergency contact persons and their numbers. That will help to get you help in case you go missing or any emergency comes up. This will also prove helpful if you suddenly feel sick and need to intimate your family back home of your change in travel plans. In case you know anyone in town you might want to let them know that you would be visiting so that they can track your whereabouts as well.