How To Give Your Wardrobe A New Look?

There are many ways you can revamp your wardrobe. You can either look for sales or work with what you have. Both are great for a low budget and in the end you’ll be left with a brand new wardrobe for the season.

You should first know what exactly is in your closet. We are all guilty of forgetting an item or two after buying it. Sometimes you will bring home a clothing item just to find out that it doesn’t fit you as well as it did at the store. Take some time out of your busy schedule and take out everything that is in your wardrobe. Sort them neatly into piles such as hardly used and favourites. You can then organise them according to occasion and type of clothing. The seasonal clothing has to be stored separately. You can hang them nicely so that they are left without wrinkles.

Consider the older clothes that you have. Think whether you will be using them. We usually keep such old clothing out of sentiment. Sometimes they can be given a new look. You can take the old denims that are frayed at the bottom and cut them up to make shorts. This will save you from buying new ones. Old trousers can be shortened with a turn-up. It will be just like having a whole new piece of clothing. If a dress or skirt is too short for you, you can tastefully add some lace to the inside of the hem to lengthen it. You can accessorise with designer handbags that you find on sale. A good designer handbag can be used with a great many outfits.

There are websites and stores that offer discounts and sales for designer wear. You can easily buy an outfit for a lower price than the original. You will be able to save quite a lot of money with this option. Ask your family and friends for stores that sell hardly used items like second hand Michael Kors bags and cheap designer shoes and clothes. You can also give away hardly used items for second hand stores and get a new item in exchange. Look for end of season sales for lower price ranges. Visit this link for more info on second hand Michael Kors bags.

You can also make small additions to your old clothing like replacing the buttons, using new material to lengthen a clothing item, adding ribbons and rosettes to transform a blouse or shirt and turning the collars inside out so that they look brand new. You can give a grunge look to an old pair of denims by bleaching them. The colour would be washed out in a non-uniform manner. You can widen fraying or tastefully renew the denim by creating rips.

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How To Look Boho-Chic!

Boho-chic is a fashion style that has been getting more and more popular over the years. Better known as the bohemian style, this type of fashion is, simply put, all about being unconventional. Outfits which you’d normally never think of wearing, and different pieces you’d never thought you could match other are essentially the foundation of the bohemian style. If you’re interested enough, read on below to find some basic pointers of the bohemian fashion sense!

• Go with bold colours – the basis of the bohemian style clothing is being bold and confident. Bold colours are the best way to express this feeling; therefore, don’t be afraid of matching several bold colours together for your outfit.

• Patterns and floral prints are your friends – another staple of the bohemian style is patterns and prints. Being bohemian is being empowering, and loud patterns and prints are the best way to get the message across. Look for geometric patterns which easily stand out; as for prints, go for floral ones and any other which gives off the feeling of nature. Don’t be afraid of wearing large prints and patterns, and neither be afraid of matching up several prints and patterns for one outfit.

• Go a few notches up your usual size – bohemian style, while being loud, is never about tight, body-hugging outfits. It always is about relaxed clothing, and therefore, loose-fitting outfits. To do the bohemian style right, try to buy outfits with sizes larger than what your actual size – what you need is loose clothing that can be easily worn in layers.

• Oversized accessories – similar to the clothes, your accessories also need to be oversized and large. For example, you can try with some oversized Status Anxiety handbags – remember, don’t be afraid of making a statement! Even if you get looks at your enormous accessories, don’t think you’re wrong; you’re actually on the right track! Other accessories, such as eyewear and jewellery should similarly be large enough to stand out and make an impression. Earthy-feeling, large accessories are the ideal.

• Scarves – saying that scarves are an essential in any bohemian outfit is not an overstatement. Large, patterned scarves (or even plain ones, if they have bold colours) are easy to match with bohemian outfits – you can wear them on your head as headbands, normally on your shoulders, or even tie them on your waist.

• Relaxed hairstyles – lastly, with regards to hairstyles, the advice given to clothes and accessories can be applied in a way: your hair also needs to be relaxed, nothing too tight or which looks like it needed a lot effort to put up. Loose, messy braids or buns, or even your hair just as it this, are good hairstyles which match with the bohemian style.

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Common Problems and How To Avoid Them When Vacationing At A Beach Alone


You might be single, but that should not deter you from taking a vacation when you feel like. With standardized travel norms and arrangements, it is possible for single men and women to take a vacation in many developed countries without having to feel intimidated or insecure about it. If you have decided to hang out at a beach resort by yourself, you can very well do so. There are certain points to look out for when vacationing by you.

Hang out of the secure beach areas

Most beach towns have secluded beaches and beaches that are attached to hotel properties. When you are vacationing alone, you would do well to stick to the beaches that are attached to the hotels. If you plan to get yourself a good tan, ensure that you carry sun protection outfits for swimming. Also make yourself at ease among populated places and avoid lying down in secluded areas where there are chances of you being approached by strangers

Stick to normal timings

When you are traveling alone in a beach area you need to play safe. Hence, when alone on a beach, ensure that you do not wander around late at night or early in the morning when tourist crowds are less. It is best to visit beach areas in the bright day light till early evening hours in sun protection clothing or even at nights when the beach areas are populated and well lighted.

Have a good read by your side

If you wish to deter strangers from approaching you while you are dining at a restaurant, you could carry a good book to read. If you appear busy or engrossed in reading it will help to deter anyone from approaching you readily. Even then people might come up to you and that is all right, as long as you nod and smile and allow them to know that you are not really interested. Trust your judgement and allow yourself a company if you find the other person to be pleasing and non-threatening. However, refrain from providing much detail about yourself to any stranger you talk to.

Keep emergency contacts ready

If you are traveling alone, ensure that you inform your hotel of emergency contact persons and their numbers. That will help to get you help in case you go missing or any emergency comes up. This will also prove helpful if you suddenly feel sick and need to intimate your family back home of your change in travel plans. In case you know anyone in town you might want to let them know that you would be visiting so that they can track your whereabouts as well.

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